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Creating interesting and interactive ways to attract and engage visitors and shoppers is the key to expanding your customer base, getting to know who your customers are, building customer loyalty, and drive conversion rates. InStorePal, a proximity based marketing solution, can provide your customers with that personalized, unique shopping experience they crave and provide you with the customer behavior insight needed to develop targeted marketing campaigns. Our solution enables you to deliver targeted promotions and offers to the mobile devices of visitors and shoppers when they are nearby or at your location.
Instorepal offers and promotions
  • Cost effective way to attract and engage nearby visitors and shoppers.
  • Target visitors and shoppers with in-store only offers and promotions.
  • Compatible with Apple and Android Bluetooth supported devices.
  • Create and manage your beacons and messages without the need to engage our technical support team.
  • Collect shopper profile information for future targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Increase brand awareness and promotions by allowing shoppers to share discounts and promotion via social media.
  • Monitor in-store shopper behavior to quickly respond to quickly assess campaign effectiveness and identify buying habits and trends.
  • Better manage inventory placement based on in-store shopper behavior.
  • Dedicated account manager and support team to manage the implementation and provide on-going support.


Instorepal Proximity based
Proximity based

You can send different promotional messages to target customers in or around your location at different proximity levels: near or far; either text or images

Customer Profiling
Customer Profiling

Customer segments and behaviour patterns are captured to create and send tailored promotional messages

Cost effective
Cost effective

More cost effective than many traditional marketing techniques

Wide range of applications
Wide Range of Applications
InStorePal can be used by businesses in many different industries to attract and engage visitors and shoppers. It is applicable to all types of businesses; retail, hospitality, education, entertainment, sports etc

Instorepal Manage Promotions
Manage Promotions
Manage beacons with the easy to use InStorePal user interface. The messages can be changed, modified or delivered by you in few simple steps. All the promotional activities are managed by you

Instorepal has Rich analytics
Rich analytics
Analytics provides insight into consumer behaviour by measuring visits, repeat visitors, and dwell time between locations. This analysis helps in improving your store operations and performance

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A way to digitally connect with visitors and shoppers via their portable devices who are nearby or at your location
A tiny computer known as an iBeacon uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to detect when a mobile device is in the vicinity. Once the device is detected a targeted message is sent to the shopper’s mobile device via a mobile application the shopper has installed on their device.
The basic components which help make it work are:
  • IBeacon - device installed at the merchants site.
  • InStorePal – a native mobile application which the shopper downloads to their mobile device.
  • Mobile Device – Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled smart phone or tablet.
  • Web Console – a web interface which the merchant and PamTen uses to configure the iBeacon(s) installed at the merchants’ location.
  • Works with iOS and Android devices
IBeacon is Apple's implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhone, Android and other iOS devices. IBeacon is a tiny computer that broadcasts radio signals which your mobile device can receive and interpret. Powered by a coin battery it has a powerful ARM processor, memory, Bluetooth Smart module, and temperature and motion sensors.
The proximity is divided into 2 categories:
  • In-Store (0-10 feet) - Personalize the shopper experience by sending personalized messages to shoppers in a specific area.
  • Near-Store (10-230 feet) - Reach shoppers at the point of sale by sending them messages to attract their attention.
  • The proximity range is configurable.


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